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<p>Spa Angsana Killarney</p>
<p>Spa Angsana Killarney</p>
Brehon Hotel & Angsana Spa Killarney Killarney Brehon Hotel & Angsana Spa Killarney Killarney

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Vitality Suite

Vitality Suite

The Vitality Suite at The Angsana Spa is designed to enhance your spa journey by preparing your body & mind for your Thai Spa Experience.

For everyone’s comfort this is an adult only facility.

Opening Hours: Monday- Thursday from 8:00am - 8:00pm and Friday to Sunday from 8:00am - 7:00pm.

Children can avail of the leisure facilities at The Gleneagle Hotel with our compliments.

The Vitality suite is also ideal for relaxation after a round of golf or a ramble in Killarney National Park.  

Complimentary relaxation time in our Angsana Spa is included in many of our packages when you book accommodation directly at The Brehon.

The Vitality Suite Encompasses: Herb Sauna (a sauna with lavender scent), Crystal Steam Room (a steam treatment room infused with oriental fragrances), Tropical Showers (a shower programmed to flow gently, then building up to a deluge before gradually reducing to a fine drizzle, mimicking a tropical rain shower),Ice Fountain (crushed ice is used to rub and cool the body after heat treatment),  Kubeldusche (a thick rope is attached to the side of a 29-litre overhead bucket for the tilting and drenching of cold water after a heat treatment), Vitality pool(a 12 metre pool)