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<p><em>"All members of the tribe are required to offer hospitality to strangers".</em><br />
Brehon law.</p>
<p><em>"The chieftain of the public hostel shall hold open house at all times for unexpected kings, bishops, poets, judges, and all other strangers.</em>"<br />
Brehon law.</p>
<p><em>"Whoever comes to your door you must care for him with no questions asked.</em>"<br />
Brehon law.</p>
<p>"All members of the tribe are required to offer hospitality to strangers".<br />
Brehon law.<br />
<p><em>"Whoever comes to your door you must care for him with no questions asked.</em>"<br />
Brehon law.</p>

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Robert McKee's ‘Story in Business’

Robert McKee's ‘Story in Business’

Leading Expert in Corporate Storytelling to Deliver First Ever Seminar in Ireland

One of the world’s foremost experts in corporate storytelling, Robert McKee, has announced he will deliver his ‘Story in Business’ seminar in Ireland for the first time next year.

The seminar will take place at the Killarney Convention Centre on Friday, 22nd May 2015, and is targeted at business leaders aiming to gain a competitive edge by developing a strong and compelling narrative for their brand.


McKee is a Fulbright Scholar and one of the most sought-after storytelling speakers in the world. He has become internationally renowned for his work over the past 30 years in mentoring screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, documentary makers, film producers and directors. His previous trainees include 60 Academy Award Winners, 200 Academy Award Nominees, 200 Emmy Award Winners and 1,000 Emmy Award Nominees.

In recent years, McKee has expanded his focus to include corporate storytelling. He has worked with leading global brands such as Microsoft, Nike, Hewlett-Packard and Siemens to develop their corporate narrative, and has delivered his highly successful ‘Story in Business’ seminar in cities throughout the world. Now, for the first time, he is offering the seminar for Irish business leaders.


Commenting today (08.12.14), McKee said the importance of strong storytelling for businesses and corporate strategists could not be underestimated.

Study after study documents how well-told stories fuse bonds of interest and empathy between teller and listener that trigger money-making results,” he said. “If you think of some of the most successful companies in the world, they have powerful stories behind them, and they constantly communicate these stories to their target audiences – the kid who founded a start-up in his garage; the immigrant who pursued the American dream; the mother whose lifelong passion or interest drove her to set up her business…

Today’s customer-centric firms use the heat of story to weld themselves to their clients. Instead of wasting money on lavish marketing campaigns, media-savvy innovators lead with a story, make their client’s experience a pleasure-filled story in itself, then let word-of-mouth do their marketing for them as satisfied customers take to social media to tell and retell their tale. This is priceless marketing … literally.

Ultimately, the story that a leader tells becomes corporate strategy; a map to the future that others can follow.


Seminar Details

Robert McKee’s one-day ‘Story in Business’ seminar will take place at Killarney’s INEC, which is part of the Gleneagle Hotel Group. It will be the first in a programme of events and seminars under a new ‘Learning Resort’ initiative being launched by the Group.


Tickets for Robert McKee’s ‘Story in Business’ seminar are €495 per person and can be purchased from The Brehon is offering the following accommodation package for those attending this event:

• The Brehon from €125 per room per night including breakfast, plus ticket price of €495 per person.  Book Now


Further information about Robert McKee can be found at:

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