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Co. Kerry, Ireland
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The Gleneagle Group, of which The Brehon Hotel is a member, has recently started a strategic review of accessibility within the organisation in order to ensure compliance with national legislation and to ensure that the services being provided by The Gleneagle Group are universally accessible.

The Gleneagle Group hopes to become one of Ireland’s leading service providers in universal access and a good practice example that others can aspire to.

The Gleneagle Group recognises the importance of making their buildings, services, information and employment accessible for all people regardless of their age, size or disability. The group is firmly committed to improving its accessibility for all staff, customers and visitors.

We appreciate your feedback and if you have any suggestions to how we can improve our accessibility we would be deighted to hear from you. Please call +353 064 66 30700 or email info@thebrehon.com


The Gleneagle Group has made history in the hospitality industry by becoming the first business in the world to be accredited by the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT).
The announcement was made in Brussels earlier this week at the launch of the ENAT Accredited World Tourism for All Quality Programme.
ENAT is a non-profit association for organisations that aim to be 'frontrunners' in the study, promotion and practice of accessible tourism. Their mission is to make European tourism destinations, products and services accessible to all travellers and to promote accessible tourism around the world.
“With ENAT, we want to help make European accessible destination, where all travellers can move freely, enjoy new experiences and be sure of getting the service they need and expect. We believe that accessible tourism must be made a priority - for the good of the tourists and for the long-term sustainability of the European tourist industry,” explains Ivor Ambrose, Managing Director of ENAT. “As the first hotels to receive the World Quality Programme Certificates, The Gleneagle Group firmly on the map, for excellence in accessibility management and performance.”
Speaking about the accreditation Patrick O’Donoghue said “Our mission is to become Ireland’s leading hospitality provider offering universal access to all. Ireland has a rich history of welcoming visitors, but if we are to retain our reputation as a world-class visitor destination then we must lead the way in accessible tourism.”
The Gleneagle Group developed a detail accessibility action plan back in 2016 and, since then the company has focused on making its hotels and services a welcoming and supportive environment for guests, visitors and staff members alike.
The action plan was created in tandem with the ENAT accreditation process to ensure it would deliver best in class standards and operates a multifaceted approach which includes structural improvements,  revised operational procedures and staff training.
“We are absolutely thrilled to have been officially accredited by ENAT but our work is by no means finished, we will continue to improve our facilities, services and training and stay up-to-date with developments and new technologies,” said Patrick O’Donoghue.

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